1917 (2019)

4.2/5.0 (354,680 Reviews)

Movie Summary

Duration 119 Minutes
Director Sam Mendes
Rating R
Genres Drama War

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Movie Plot / Synposis

Schofield and Blake, two young British soldiers during the First World War, are given a seemingly impossible mission. With time against them, they must deliver a message, deep in enemy territory, that will stop their own men, and Blake's own brother, walking straight into a deadly trap. Written by OC Movie Reviews


Dean-Charles Chapman [2835616] Dean-Charles Chapman Lance Corporal Blake
George MacKay [1126657] George MacKay Lance Corporal Schofield
Daniel Mays [0990547] Daniel Mays Sergeant Sanders
Colin Firth [0000147] Colin Firth General Erinmore
Pip Carter [2553988] Pip Carter Lieutenant Gordon
Andy Apollo [5121393] Andy Apollo Sergeant Miller
Paul Tinto [4078775] Paul Tinto NCO Baker
Josef Davies [6919812] Josef Davies Private Stokes
Billy Postlethwaite [5037475] Billy Postlethwaite NCO Harvey
Gabriel Akuwudike [9419368] Gabriel Akuwudike Private Buchanan
Andrew Scott [0778831] Andrew Scott Lieutenant Leslie
Spike Leighton [10711826] Spike Leighton Private Kilgour
Robert Maaser [4130813] Robert Maaser German Pilot
Gerran Howell [2228294] Gerran Howell Private Parry
Adam Hugill [9273822] Adam Hugill Private Atkins

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