Dolittle (2020)

2.8/5.0 (38,343 Reviews)

Movie Summary

Duration 101 Minutes
Director Stephen Gaghan
Rating PG
Genres Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy

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Movie Plot / Synposis

A physician discovers that he can talk to animals.


Robert Downey Jr. [0000375] Robert Downey Jr. Dr. John Dolittle
Antonio Banderas [0000104] Antonio Banderas King Rassouli
Michael Sheen [0790688] Michael Sheen Dr. Blair M├╝dfly
Jim Broadbent [0000980] Jim Broadbent Lord Thomas Badgley
Jessie Buckley [2976580] Jessie Buckley Queen Victoria
Harry Collett [6708646] Harry Collett Tommy Stubbins
Emma Thompson [0000668] Emma Thompson Poly
Rami Malek [1785339] Rami Malek Chee-Chee
John Cena [1078479] John Cena Yoshi
Kumail Nanjiani [3529685] Kumail Nanjiani Plimpton
Octavia Spencer [0818055] Octavia Spencer Dab-Dab
Tom Holland [4043618] Tom Holland Jip
Craig Robinson [0732497] Craig Robinson Kevin
Ralph Fiennes [0000146] Ralph Fiennes Barry
Selena Gomez [1411125] Selena Gomez Betsy

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