The Call of the Wild (2020)

3.4/5.0 (28,131 Reviews)

Movie Summary

Duration 100 Minutes
Director Chris Sanders
Rating PG
Genres Adventure Drama Family

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Movie Plot / Synposis

A sled dog struggles for survival in the wilds of the Yukon.


Karen Gillan [2394794] Karen Gillan Mercedes
Harrison Ford [0000148] Harrison Ford John Thornton
Cara Gee [4446254] Cara Gee Francoise
Dan Stevens [1405398] Dan Stevens Hal
Bradley Whitford [0925966] Bradley Whitford Judge Miller
Jean Louisa Kelly [0446465] Jean Louisa Kelly Katie Miller
Wes Brown [1734202] Wes Brown Mountie
Omar Sy [1082477] Omar Sy Perrault
Terry Notary [1024953] Terry Notary Buck
Preston Bailey [2259079] Preston Bailey Teenager
Colin Woodell [6018521] Colin Woodell Charles
Stephanie Czajkowski [1570123] Stephanie Czajkowski Postmaster
Scott MacDonald [0531924] Scott MacDonald Dawson Dog Seller
Michael Horse [0395398] Michael Horse Edenshaw
Alex Solowitz [0813565] Alex Solowitz Miner
Adam Fergus [1727237] Adam Fergus James
Abraham Benrubi [0072344] Abraham Benrubi Skookum Bench King
Micah Fitzgerald [4288087] Micah Fitzgerald Red Sweater
Heather McPhaul [1573698] Heather McPhaul Head Cook
Thomas Adoue Polk [6930836] Thomas Adoue Polk Assistant Postmaster

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