The Rescue (2020)

3.9/5.0 (13 Reviews)

Movie Summary

Duration 139 Minutes
Director Dante Lam
Rating R
Genres Action

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Movie Plot / Synposis

A rescue unit within the Chinese Coast Guard are forced to overcome their personal differences to resolve a crisis.


Eddie Peng [2108643] Eddie Peng Gao Qian
Yanlin Wang [9045234] Yanlin Wang Zhao Cheng
Zhilei Xin [7928249] Zhilei Xin Fang Yuling
Lyric Lan [5019286] Lyric Lan Wen Shan
Yutian Wang [9177055] Yutian Wang An Peng
Yang Xu [9190985] Yang Xu Bai Yang
Carlos Chan [3225390] Carlos Chan Lin Weiquan
Mincheng Li [6130412] Mincheng Li Liu Bin
Guoqiang Zhang [3590261] Guoqiang Zhang Pan Zhengjun
Xiaodong Guo [1507882] Xiaodong Guo Ding Yi
Daxun Wei [3339688] Daxun Wei Huo Da
Liu Yichun [11262326] Liu Yichun Tang Min
Zhang Jingyi [11262327] Zhang Jingyi Cong Cong
Xinrui Li [8765329] Xinrui Li
Andrew Lin [0510887] Andrew Lin

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