The Way Back (2020)

3.5/5.0 (6,333 Reviews)

Movie Summary

Duration 108 Minutes
Director Gavin O'Connor
Rating R
Genres Drama Sport

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Movie Plot / Synposis

A former HS basketball phenom, struggling with alcoholism, is offered a coaching job at his alma mater. As the team starts to win, he may have a reason to confront his old demons. But will it be enough to set him on the road to redemption?


Ben Affleck [0000255] Ben Affleck Jack
Janina Gavankar [1232470] Janina Gavankar Angela
Michaela Watkins [1143861] Michaela Watkins Beth
Da'Vinchi [9139453] Da'Vinchi Devon Childress
Hayes MacArthur [1887429] Hayes MacArthur Eric
Rachael Carpani [0139257] Rachael Carpani Diane
Todd Stashwick [0823693] Todd Stashwick Kurt
Inka Kytö [7738091] Inka Kytö Basketball Fan
Glynn Turman [0877270] Glynn Turman Doc
T.K. Carter [0141953] T.K. Carter Russ
Marlene Forte [0287168] Marlene Forte Gale
Melvin Gregg [4713584] Melvin Gregg Marcus Parrish
Lukas Gage [4965072] Lukas Gage Eddie
Caleb Thomas [5178472] Caleb Thomas Mike Ball Boy
Jeremy Ratchford [0711595] Jeremy Ratchford Matty
Al Madrigal [1371339] Al Madrigal Dan
Matthew Glave [0322182] Matthew Glave Coach Lombardo
Brandon Wilson [1518261] Brandon Wilson Brandon Durrett
Will Ropp [5706089] Will Ropp Kenny Dawes
Fernando Luis Vega [5618307] Fernando Luis Vega Sam Garcia
Charles Lott Jr. [8264709] Charles Lott Jr. Chubbs Hendricks
Ben Irving [10870738] Ben Irving Bobby Freeze
Jeremy Radin [1508223] Jeremy Radin Father Mark Whelan
John Aylward [0043891] John Aylward Father Edward Devine
Nico David [3538599] Nico David Ryan

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